Not sure why this is, but apparently Trello does not want me to download attachments from Safari. When using Chrome, I see a “Download” link next to attachments that allows me to download the file to my computer. When using Safari, however, that link does not exist. Instead, there is an “Open in New Tab” link. If the attachment is a PNG, JPG or GIF file, Safari opens and displays the image in a new tab. But what happens if the attachment is a PSD or AI or some other non-web supported file? A new tab opens with nothing in it.

Sigh. Come on Trello. What is the problem here?

The solution for this problem is not intuitive at all. To download the file you will need to right-click the “Open in New Tab” link and select “Download Linked File”.

Trello is a very cool organizational and collaborative tool that I use often. It consists of Boards, Lists, and posts. How you use them to organize your projects or tasks is up to you. I find Trello very easy and intuitive to use. I use Chrome as my primary web browser and had no idea that the above issue existed until one of my collaborators (who uses Safari) sent me an email.

Published On: June 20th, 2016 / Categories: Technology / Tags: , /

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