Question Your Beliefs to Become Stronger

Beliefs are built on a series of compounding thoughts and experiences. It just takes one incorrect belief to skew your perception of your life, work, society, and entire reality. Being able to rely on your belief system can make your life easier, happier, and safer.

David Oshiro

Digital Marketing/Lifestyle Consultant 

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  • Discovery

Brand Awareness

Finding a floating bottle in the vast ocean of the digital space is virtually impossible. Follow the currents of change to new ports and beaches and design your digital marketing campaigns to act as beacons and sirens for your business.

  • Search and Explore

Venture Out to Uncharted Areas

Exploring new ways to market your company is always a good idea when revenue is up. But, it is even more essential when things are tough. The world is wondrous, plentiful, and full of opportunities. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try new technologies, methodologies, and markets for your business.

  • Data, Data, Data

Turn Data Into Knowledge

Data by itself has little if no meaning. It is through analysis and understanding that data reveals knowledge and insight. Data can reveal trends and even predict outcomes. It can reveal new markets and consumer behaviors and will help you chart a course for your business.


Over 20 years of experience developing digital products and marketing strategies.

I am David Oshiro

With over 20+ years of digital development experience, I am also an educator, wildlife conservationist, outdoorsman, and active community member. Work does not have to compete with life. Choosing a career that you love and want to share with your personal life is the ultimate work-life balance. I pursue knowledge, skills, and experience in my career with the same passion as I have for my personal interests. I feel that the more knowledge and experience I accumulate, the better equipped I am to successfully change and adapt as the world changes. Digital marketing is constantly changing and while the medium is digital, the content and its context are still tied to the real world. Creating successful strategies requires deep knowledge of both the real and virtual.

Who is David Oshiro Collage


Creating relationships requires trust and communication and a solid relationship is only created through time and experiences. Relationships are the best investments you can make in your life so make the effort to spend quality time with people. Give your complete attention to their thoughts and ideas. Learn and share with them. When life is good we all have friends, but only when life gets hard are our true friends revealed.

Action > Knowledge

Many think that knowledge is power, but it is more like a battery sitting in your cabinet. All the knowledge in the world doesn’t amount to anything unless it is acted upon. Use all the knowledge you have accumulated in your life to power your business. All knowledge has value and can be useful.

It’s all about the Questions

The most difficult part of finding the correct answer is coming up with the correct question. Usually, once you have the right question, the answer becomes obvious. Luckily, I love asking questions just as much as I enjoy finding its answers.

“Computers are useless, they can only give you answers.”

Pablo Picasso

David Oshiro

Digital Marketing/Lifestyle Consultant 

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